Our Story

The Piña Pioneer

Francisco, born and raised in Mexico, has a deep-rooted love affair with tequila that surpasses generations of his family. The art of making tequila had been a family tradition long before it became Francisco’s passion. His ancestors were skilled cultivators of agave plants for years, imparting knowledge and expertise that has been passed down through the generations.

His grandfather was an unwaveringly committed and dedicated tequila maker, who persevered through the obstacles that came with the expropriation in the ’30s, upholding the family’s legacy and creating some of the finest tequila to this day.

Maintaining the family tradition of creating the best tequila, in 2019, Francisco decided to launch his own brand, REY SUPREMO, marking a fresh start in the industry. With his vast background and knowledge of tequila, Francisco passionately crafts every bottle, staying true to his ancestors’ lineage and his family’s excellence.

The Agaves

We take pride in cultivating only the best Agaves in the rich lands of Jalisco and Nayarit. Cultivation in these areas allows for the perfect balance of nutrients and favors high levels of sugar in the Agave.

It is essential to wait seven to eight years to harvest our agaves to ensure they reach their full potential. At this time, the average weight of our agaves is between 60 and 70 kilos. By waiting this length of time, the heart of the agave is at its most flavorful and contains the highest concentration of sugars, which results in the best quality tequila.


Our Process


This is where the magic begins… LOS AGAVES are cultivated in the rich lands of Jalisco and Nayarit. The process begins with the selection of the Agave Azul Tequilana Weber. REY SUPREMO always chooses the best agaves; essential to producing the best tequila. At this stage the Jimadores (harvesters) manually cut the Pencas (leaves) with sharp cutter called a Coa. The leaves are separate them from the heart of the Agave plant called the Piña (pineapple), leaving it as clean as possible. 

Cooking & Extraction

The Piñas are cooked in stainless steel ovens called autoclaves. During this sixteen hour process, steam is slowly injected at low pressure to obtain simple Agave sugars suitable for fermentation, better known as Fructose and Glucose.

Once the Agave has been cooked, it is passed through a roller mill to separate the sugars from the fiber by applying water under pressure. Then, in conveyer belts, it is squeezed to obtain the “honey” that will be sent to the fermentation tanks. 


In this stage, the honey from milling is fermented to transform sugar into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. REY SUPREMO tequila uses special yeasts for this process and relies on the natural environment from amate trees in the area. Temperature is carefully controlled to ensure high quality and great flavor. Our tequila is unique due to the combination of agaves, plots in the Valles (low land) and reddish lands of Nayarit. Some provide woody aromas and flavors, while others provide fruity aromas and flavors.




The distillation is a process where the heads and tails of the tequila are separated. This step is crucial in achieving the great flavor, balance, aroma, and smoothness found in our REY SUPREMO tequila. After our Master Tequilero completes the double distillation, our delicious REY SUPREMO Blanco Tequila is sent directly to the bottling and packaging area for sale.


Tequila destined for aging is sent to our aging area to be stored in American oak barrels, which were previously used to store Bourbon.